Hawk Channel of the Florida Keys  

Hawk Channel runs from Biscayne National Park to Key west.  

It is contained between the islands of the Florida Keys  and a line of reefs south and east of the island chain. 

Current in Hawk Channel runs slowly from Biscayne National Park toward Key West.

 The stronger Gulf Stream Current runs outside the reef line and flows from Key West in a northerly direction up the east coast of the US.


Molassas Reef Observations:  NDBC - Station MLRF1 Observations

Wave Height, Direction, Marine Observations, Sea Surface Temperatures: (Click on link for current marine data):  Oceanweather, Inc




Crocker Reef Red 16

Hawk Channel Red 16

Crocker Reef Buoy 16

Lat/Lon: 2454.369'N,8031.465'W

Hawk Channel


Alligator Reef Light

Alligator Reef Light

Lat/Lon: 2451.107'N,8037.131'W

Lights: 60s(red); 60s(red); 60s(white);

Hawk Channel

Hawk Channel, Alligator ReefHawk Channel, Alligator Reef

Hawk Channel


Hens and Chickens, Hawk Channel

Hen and Chickens
 Red 40     Shoal Light 2.5s(red)   
Lat/Lon: 2455.972'N,8032.924'W

Cheeca Rocks
National Marine Sanctuary
Hawk Channel




Hawk Channel is in the National Marine Sanctuary.  

Please Learn, Protect, and Enjoy!

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